Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: August 2013

Friday, 30 August 2013

Poached Eggs 1-5

Dear Reader,

So, for this we have six little piggies quite well protected in a cocoon of stone, wood and glass. Four red birds available to do the damage. You will only need one.

Pink is king!
Destroying the wooden plank by the pink splodge will release the boulder which will trickle down and flatten all the piggies. May need a few attempts to achieve three stars though as depending on the exact point of impact, you may not inflict enough damage for the magic three stars. 64,000 is the number you are looking for.

More soon Dear Reader.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Poached Eggs 1-4

Dear Reader,
So, four red birds and one solitary piggie, wrapped in a blanket of glass, wood and stone. How hard can it be. Well, not very hard at all actually.
Green splodge marks the spot!
Just two reds in the marked spot, the first will clear the glass, the second will have enough momentum to collapse the stone onto the poor little piggie. Easy.
More soon Dear Reader.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Poached Eggs 1-3

Dear Reader,

After the high levels of precision required by the last couple of levels this one is a bit of a breeze. Four red birds are provided but you will only need one.

Impact anywhere in the red splodge area and your bird should cause some carnage, rebounding off the structure to nail the two naughty piggies. All you need to remember is to clear the wooden ball with the shot, that won't help you. Anything over 41K should get you all three stars.

More soon Dear Reader...

Poached Eggs 1-2

Dear Reader,

You would be surprised how difficult something as seemingly simple as a short blog post with a picture can be. A phrase that could easily be applied to this level. We have several birds, five in fact, so you would think this would be easy. Well completing is easy, but the magic three stars are not so straight-forward. This beautifully annotated (not) drawing may help.

A little out of the box thinking is required here. Red birds, although largely useless, do bounce well. The key to complete is the bounce, which should take the tallest pillar, knocking it onto the right-most of the small pillars, then allow the domino effect to take place, knocking the middle pillar down. Which should disturb the left-most pillar just enough to disturb the remaining pig, which will slowly, with a degree of inevitability roll to its' demise.


More soon Dear Reader.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Poached Eggs Overview

Dear Reader,

And we're off. So to start with a little overview of World 1, Poached Eggs.

63 levels, therefore 63 feathers.
189 stars.
Game Center achievement score 4,000,000, (available on iphone / ipad. This score is a good base line to aim for for the world).

Expect updates on this overview as things occur, or are pointed out to me.

More soon Dear Reader

Poached Eggs 1-1

Dear Reader,

Off we go then. This is the first level so it should be easy. Your three birds, all Red, should be enough to finish off one Pig.

This is a one bird finish; you'll be pretty happy if you nail the pig in one go. There is a problem though. A one bird finish does not guarantee a three star finish. A one bird finish will get you around 29,000 which equates to one measly star. You'll need 33,000 for a three star effort.

This hastily prepared picture may help...

I may get better at the art part...
What this is trying to tell you is where that one red bird should fly. At the join of the top of the upright and the base of the horizontal one. Catch it right there and you should be in business.

More soon Dear Reader...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

And So It Begins...

Dear Reader,

Commuting regularly leaves me a little bored. So I started playing Angry Birds again. I can't help myself. To make it interesting I decided to three star every level.

If I achieve this then I may make it more interesting... nail every achievement, golden egg etc. Telling the world about this is just good fun. Level by level, world by world, this is Angry Birds, my way.

This is a personal journey / walk-through. If you are looking for a quick answer to a level I haven't yet written about then the Angry Birds Wiki is the place to go.  If you prefer to understand the personal toil, then stick around.

More soon Dear Reader