Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: Poached Eggs 1-18

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-18

Dear Reader,
Much complication involved in this. So much so that I consumed an entire train journey putting this together. Also I have had to opt for multiple drawings as my artistic skills could not convey the concept in one picture.
We begin with four little piggies wrapped up in a wooden tomb, with five yellow birds to do the damage. You're going to need some of them...
Step 1: Green woolly ball
The first shot is pretty straight-forward. The aim here is to remove the lowest bird and clear some wood for the next bird. Just aim for the green splodge.
Step 2: Orange woolly ball.
Second shot, looking to remove the next lowest bird, again, easy enough.
Step 3: Red splodge and all will be well.
This last one requires some accuracy... To kill the remaining piggies you will need to hit the red splodge just right, otherwise you won't get both piggies. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
More soon Dear Reader.

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