Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: AB Birds

AB Birds

Dear Reader,

The birds are the stars of the show, right? So here is my guide to the ornithology of Angry Birds. In order of appearance we have...

Perhaps the most recognisable of all the birds. From a use-ability perspective, he is not big on damage but he can push with the best of them. For a much more in depth description click here.

In all his redness.
The Blues:
The splitter bird. Useful when pinged against glass, pretty much hopeless against anything else. When split the three missiles are code-named Jay, Jake and Jim. Like you cared...  For a much more in depth description click here.

Has he got the blues, who knows?
Yellow aka Chuck:
One of my favorites, as long as there is wood involved. This chap is extremely useful, when tapped, he will fly in to a situation exhibiting blinding speed and extreme destruction. Useless, however against anything that isn't wooden. Nobody knows why. For a more in-depth discussion click here.

Chuck, you rock my world. Actually you wood my world.

As I encounter the rest I will provide suitable documentation....

Updates soon Dear Reader.

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