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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Naboo Invasion 1-7

Dear Reader,

Another day, another badly twisted metaphor. This level see the introduction of catapults, which fire plasma energy type ball things around the place when released. They are useful.

Mustard,the new mustard.

Aim your first bird at the the mustardy coloured splodge on the left, cutting the rope and releasing the energy ball thingy. Once release the ball needs to hit the pink splodge, thence to cause havoc, falling through the middle of the structure destroying all before it. Anything over about 57,500 should be enough for three stars. Easy.

More soon Dear Reader.

Naboo Invasion 1-6

Dear Reader,

Having in the last post suggested that using the force in and up and away from application was the best way forward, let me immediately retract... To get your three stars here it has to be a one bird finish and the only way to do that is to use the force differently.

It's a beautiful day.

Your single Obi-Wan needs to head for the purple splodge and then use the force to force debris in the direction of the green splodge. This way ensures the glass covering the water gets shattered and all the pugs end up in a watery grave. Anything over 45,000 will get you the prize.

More soon Dear Reader.

Naboo Invasion 1-5

Dear Reader,

It's not just using the force that is the key to this, but how you use it. Don't just remove the pigs but use the force to gain maximum damage to get another three stars. As a general rule, forcing debris up and away from you seems to be the most effective route and this level is no exception.

Pink and Orange are SOOOOOOOOOOO in this season!

Your first Obi-Wan should hit the left most orange splodge, scattering wood, glass and metal in the direction of the left-most pink splodge. The second should hit the remaining orange splodge, scattering towards the other pink splodge. Anything over 46,000 should be sufficient for you to move on to the next challenge.

More soon, Dear Reader.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Naboo Invasion 1-4

Dear Reader,

Obi-Wan Kenobi makes his first appearance on this level. My favorite bird! You will only need one young Obi-Wan to complete this level.

So, the red blob is where Obi-Wan should be when you tap to use the force with the green blob. Everything will die and explode.

More Soon Dear Reader.


Naboo Invasion 1-3

Dear Reader,
In a flurry of updates here is another one. A quite straightforward two bird finish here. Look for maximum damage and a score over 46,000 and three stars are winging their way to you.

Its so easy, baby!

Hit the red splodge with the first bird, which will should open up the way for the second bird. Blat both towers with plenty damage and you will be on your way to the next level.

More Soon Dear Reader.

Naboo Invasion 1-2

Dear Reader,

Been a bit busy lately playing the game, rather than talking about it. So here is another level for you to three star. This one is all about the timing. A two bird finish will get you three stars only if you get enough points. Above 39,000 seems to be the mark.

Feel the force.

The first sabre wielding bird needs to hit the red splodge, unleashing the sabre as he hits it. It's important that he then goes on to make a decent hit on the rock as this will take out the second pig. If this doesn't happen keep going until you get that right.

The second bird needs to obliterate the third bird along with it's house. This is all about the damage, so letting the sabre loose as late as possible is crucial.

More soon Dear Reader.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Naboo Invasion 1-1

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Angry Birds Star Wars II walkthrough. We begin with Qui-Gon Jin wielding his trusty light-sabre. You have three but will only need one.

Strange shade of pale blue marks the spot.
Aim for the odd coloured splodge, ready to deploy the light sabre as you hit the structure and all should be good. Three stars in your pocket.

More soon Dear Reader.