Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

It's Here!

Dear Reader,

Have been a little distracted over the last few days. Maybe it's the onset of autumn, or maybe it's something else. 

Oh, I know, it's the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II. A bit of a mouthful and a bit of a game. In an attempt to be up to date with what is going on in the world I thought I may as well start three starring every level in this as well. A little video below to get you excited if you're not already...

This involves the creation of new tags so a reader can find what they are looking for. There will be tags identifying different games, different paths, etc. Hopefully this will become clearer as this starts to take shape.

More soon Dear Reader

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-21

Dear Reader,

So, the last level of World 1, I might get a little bit teary. Like the last level of subsequent worlds it is a little complicated. Lots of birds and quite a lot to get right for those three stars. The aim of the first blue bird is straight-forward enough.

Serene, isn't it?

Just fire into the glass at the bottom of the pyramid aiming to clear as much out as possible in the resulting carnage. The not so randomly placed blue spot marks the spot.

Use the red as a path clearer, you want as little debris as possible obscuring the base of the tower. Hitting the pink splodge should leave the next yellow with a clear shot.

Still a lot of smug piggies.

This yellow bird is the key. It is vital to clear the piggie at the bottom of the tower, otherwise you will not be able to execute the remainder of the plan.

Time to wipe the smiles off their faces.

From here, with the blue bird you have a couple of options. The glory shot is to aim for the middle of the tower housing the remaining piggie. Physics and a bit of luck may get the last piggie squashed.

Not smiling now.

If physics is not on your side, don't panic. Use the first of the remaining yellow birds to finish things off and the three star par score should still be in reach.

More soon Dear Reader.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-19

Dear Reader,

After the multi-screen shot exertion of yesterday this level is back to gorgeous simplicity.

Just get the first blue to destroy the pane of glass marked by the slightly untidy purple splodge. The send the yellow in on the same trajectory and the piggies will be away with the fishes.

More soon Dear Reader.


Poached Eggs 1-20

Dear Reader,

So, I had a little bit of fun with this. Most of a train journey again, getting this right. Just the two piggies and five lovely yellow birds. Follow this and you will only need two and get the three stars you rightly deserve.

Step 1: Quite straightforward, hit the blue splodge.

First of all you need to hit the blue splodge just right which will yield a result similar to the next screen shot.

Step 2: pink splodge, amazing.

Now, you will have to aim slightly higher, hit the pink splodge on a trajectory that will destroy the blocked marked in orange. This will cause the remainder of the structure to collapse on the two little piggies. May take a few attempts to get dead right.

More soon Dear Reader.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-18

Dear Reader,
Much complication involved in this. So much so that I consumed an entire train journey putting this together. Also I have had to opt for multiple drawings as my artistic skills could not convey the concept in one picture.
We begin with four little piggies wrapped up in a wooden tomb, with five yellow birds to do the damage. You're going to need some of them...
Step 1: Green woolly ball
The first shot is pretty straight-forward. The aim here is to remove the lowest bird and clear some wood for the next bird. Just aim for the green splodge.
Step 2: Orange woolly ball.
Second shot, looking to remove the next lowest bird, again, easy enough.
Step 3: Red splodge and all will be well.
This last one requires some accuracy... To kill the remaining piggies you will need to hit the red splodge just right, otherwise you won't get both piggies. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
More soon Dear Reader.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-17

Dear Reader,

Three little piggies, did not go to market, instead they holed up in a wooden tower. Not for long though.

A surprisingly tidy green splodge
Throw the first and second bird in the line of green splodge and this should take you safely to the par score of 53,000 for the three stars.
More soon Dear Reader.



Poached Eggs 1-16

Dear Reader,
A little persistence required here. Five yellows to get the four little piggies in their wooden house. You may only need two.
Red is the colour for splodge
Send the first bird to the red splodge taking out the left hand column of birds. The second bird should follow pretty much the same path. A few attempts will be required to make the required score of 64,000. Don't worry, it will come.
More soon Dear Reader.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-15

Dear Reader,

Glass, word, concrete and four angry blue bombs waiting to fly. To get three stars, you are going to have to use some of them as well.

Blue is the colour.

The blue target area is where your first salvo of birds should land. You can get the required score of 40,000+ with two or three birds from this angle. It all depends on the exact outcome of the impact of the first bird. If you manage to topple the middle tower, taking out the left and right bird after the first shot then a two bird finish is on. Similar points are available with three birds as long as you inflict enough damage with the remaining shots. You may need to finesse the trajectory slightly for the remaining birds to get the desired result but is should be straight-forward to make the required mark.

More Soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-14

Dear Reader, 

This may sound a little sad but this level provided me with something that I can only describe as a very good day. Having three starred this level some time ago I returned to it to write this post and found a one bird finish that had eluded me before. Instructions below...

Patience is all you need.
Precision really is everything here. Attempting to get this right shows just how sensitive the physics engine is in the game. Hitting fractions up or down will not get the outcome you are looking for.  The pink ball of wool is indicative of the shot, but, I warn you, you may be there a while. You can still three star with two birds and much less pain, but this method will net you an extra ~6,000 points, which is gotta be worth it in the end.

More soon Dear Reader.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-13

Dear Reader,

Piggies have got themselves holed up in a glass and concrete structure, very clever. Two blues and two reds doesn't look like the most promising arsenal.

Aquamarine, light blue, I don't know.
Worry not, just ping the first blue toward the pale blue squiggle, release the three very late and you shall destroy the upper layer of glass creating pippie destruction in your wake. Little bit of precision required but no biggie.

More soon Dear Reader.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-12

Dear Reader,

How does the saying go? Piggies in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Never mind. Three blues and a red, you should however just need the first blue.

Gotta love a natty purple squiggle.

Aim for the natty purple scribble and release the blues when you are close, this should net you all three piggies and three stars to boot. Deep joy.

More soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-11

Dear Reader,

A red bird, three blue birds and four little piggies today. Don't worry about the blue birds, you won't need them.

Ball of wool, ball of wool.

Just send the red flying toward the orange ball of wool and all shall be well. Red will shunt the top of Jenga tower onto the two piggies below, the debris removing the remaining piggie in the process. Easy-peasy.

More soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-10

Dear Reader,

New birds, new challenges. Our blue bird, who splits like a missile that hasn't been invented yet loves to break glass, but is pretty much useless against everything else.

Hit those squiggles!
Send your first bird in the direction of the orange splodge, when you tap your three birds should splat across the area poorly indicated. This will need to cause the stone area to collapse removing one piggie.

The second blue bird should be aiming for the pink splatter zone, killing the second piggie. A score in excess of 55,000 should do the job.

More soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-9

Dear Reader,

Another day, another three piggies as the saying goes.

Having stretched my artistic abilities recently this one left me a little disappointed.
After the considerable challenges of the previous level back to a straight-forward one bird finish. Aim for the yellow custard pie, which is attempting to indicate the top left-hand edge of the plank and the effect should be a one bird finish. Anything over about 50,000 should get the three star reward you crave.

More soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-8

Dear Reader,

Three piggies, a structure of some description and some rocks. Four red birds to create some havoc. To complete this with three stars we have to think outside the box a little.

Lines and everything. Stretching my artistic talents.
We have to hit the boulder, smack in the face, causing it to tumble down the right side taking out two birds. Meanwhile, our intrepid red needs to tumble down the left side, taking out the rest. 

You can try this using the trajectory badly marked out with the flat line. This will achieve the first part but not the second. To make this happen we need to "go aerial". Using the angle marked by the red line gives us all four piggies (eventually).

Took a bit of work, this one.

More soon Dear Reader.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-7

Dear Reader,

Hmmm, so we have three little piggies, four red birds and a lot of glass...

The pink ball of wool is very fetching.

A one bird finish will get you those three stars. Hit the pink ball of wool and the two birds will fall to their deaths, and the middle bird will be destroyed by the impact. Easy.

More soon Dear Reader.

Poached Eggs 1-6

Dear Reader,

What have we here? Two little piggies and four red birds to some damage.

Creative, two colours required.

Two birds required to complete this one. One hits the red splodge and another on the blue splodge. The order is unimportant. After a few attempts you should make the required 35,000 to do the job.

More soon Dear Reader.