Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: Poached Eggs 1-2

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Poached Eggs 1-2

Dear Reader,

You would be surprised how difficult something as seemingly simple as a short blog post with a picture can be. A phrase that could easily be applied to this level. We have several birds, five in fact, so you would think this would be easy. Well completing is easy, but the magic three stars are not so straight-forward. This beautifully annotated (not) drawing may help.

A little out of the box thinking is required here. Red birds, although largely useless, do bounce well. The key to complete is the bounce, which should take the tallest pillar, knocking it onto the right-most of the small pillars, then allow the domino effect to take place, knocking the middle pillar down. Which should disturb the left-most pillar just enough to disturb the remaining pig, which will slowly, with a degree of inevitability roll to its' demise.


More soon Dear Reader.

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