Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: Poached Eggs 1-20

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poached Eggs 1-20

Dear Reader,

So, I had a little bit of fun with this. Most of a train journey again, getting this right. Just the two piggies and five lovely yellow birds. Follow this and you will only need two and get the three stars you rightly deserve.

Step 1: Quite straightforward, hit the blue splodge.

First of all you need to hit the blue splodge just right which will yield a result similar to the next screen shot.

Step 2: pink splodge, amazing.

Now, you will have to aim slightly higher, hit the pink splodge on a trajectory that will destroy the blocked marked in orange. This will cause the remainder of the structure to collapse on the two little piggies. May take a few attempts to get dead right.

More soon Dear Reader.


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