Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: Naboo Invasion 1-5

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Naboo Invasion 1-5

Dear Reader,

It's not just using the force that is the key to this, but how you use it. Don't just remove the pigs but use the force to gain maximum damage to get another three stars. As a general rule, forcing debris up and away from you seems to be the most effective route and this level is no exception.

Pink and Orange are SOOOOOOOOOOO in this season!

Your first Obi-Wan should hit the left most orange splodge, scattering wood, glass and metal in the direction of the left-most pink splodge. The second should hit the remaining orange splodge, scattering towards the other pink splodge. Anything over 46,000 should be sufficient for you to move on to the next challenge.

More soon, Dear Reader.

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