Google+ Angry Birds Addiction: Naboo Invasion 1-2

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Naboo Invasion 1-2

Dear Reader,

Been a bit busy lately playing the game, rather than talking about it. So here is another level for you to three star. This one is all about the timing. A two bird finish will get you three stars only if you get enough points. Above 39,000 seems to be the mark.

Feel the force.

The first sabre wielding bird needs to hit the red splodge, unleashing the sabre as he hits it. It's important that he then goes on to make a decent hit on the rock as this will take out the second pig. If this doesn't happen keep going until you get that right.

The second bird needs to obliterate the third bird along with it's house. This is all about the damage, so letting the sabre loose as late as possible is crucial.

More soon Dear Reader.

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